All of these rules must be followed or your account may result in a temporary or permanent ban depending on the situation. 
If you for some reason require an Admin or Mod please don't hesitate to ask, we will do what we can to sort things out.

We will always give you a warning atleast once. After that depending on the situation, multiple things could happen: Permanent or temporary ban, removal of items, character removal, service panel lockout etc. 

All official staff members will have this icon  by their name in the game chat, if you see someone pretending to be a Mod or GM please report to staff. Below is a list of all current official staff.

fshnchps | Head-Dev Owner
IGN:fishy, Jarvis

Jay | Event Manager

Teo | Dev Assistant trainee

Mink | Dev Assistant trainee

This list can change at any time and that all players are responsible for following and knowing the rules.

We still usually notify players about rule changes on our discord.

*Main Character definition
Your Main Character is determined by which character you first extract [Prism Star] on. You can change your Main Character by not farming [Prism Star] and extracting them for 72 hours, after the 72 hour waiting period you can start farming and extracting again on your new character and that will be your new Main Character. This does not mean you can have multiple main characters if you have multiple accounts. It’s your main character through all your accounts. This must be done before obtaining a W-Club if you plan to. W-Club extraction does not register a main character.

**IP Exception
If you are multiple people on the same network or IP you will most likely get into issues with our services and multi-client rules. If you are indeed multiple people or on the same IP as someone else. You can get and IP exception by providing some basic proof, usually a picture of you and the other player. Contact staff you’ll get more details on what needs to be included or other methods. Discord #support @Pinned message

"Rotation Run definition
A rotation run is used here simple to give people a break and not feel overwhelmed by grind fiesta. A rotation run must be rotated by each player in the party every run clockwise or counter-clockwise. One player must clear the entire dungeon on their own, heals/blessing/sacred are too strong of a assist and is not allowed in rotation run unless it's their own turn. Anyone assisting someone in their rotation turn, will break the rotation off, and the run will be counted as a normal run. Anyone AFK on their turn will be counted as AFK leeching/farming.

General Rules

1.1 Use your common sense when following rules, don’t try to find workarounds or gray areas. This does not count as rules for registration.

1.2 Toxic information/behaviour should not be influenced to other players. Avoid having a fight in public, take it to private.

1.3 No selling account/items for real money.

1.4 Excessive toxicity will not be tolerated. Behave yourself considerably.

1.5 Excessive defamation can result in multiple forms of punishment depending on the level of grief

1.6 Insults, harassment or threats to a person or group will not be dealt with lightly.

1.7 Inappropriate names will be changed.

1.8 If you see or suspect anyone of breaking rules, we urge you to report them to one of the staff members privately on Discord. This does not count as rules for registration.

1.9 Excessive identity faking are not acceptable. Identity faking to donate will be harshly dealt with.

Gameplay Rules

2.1 Sharing account is forbidden and can be punished in various ways.

2.2 Third party programs and editing of game files for advantage is not allowed.

2.3 Do not use any method of AFK Farming except for Windia farm. Botting macro for AFK farming is also not allowed.

2.4 Any bug, glitch or exploit that negatively influences other players or gives you unfair advantage is not allowed.

2.5 Don’t spam Megaphone | Trade Chat | Love Card with very unnecessary messages. Refrain from using languages other than English.

2.6 You are only allowed to farm and extract [Prism Star] on your Main Character* (not to be confused with [Prism Crystal])

2.7 This is not a rule, so you do not count this one for registration. This is only here to make sure people actually read to distinguish between rules and not rules.

2.8 [Golden Tool] is only to be used on your Main Character*

2.9 Do not use other players as AFK Filler for extra loot at [Any Dungeons]

2.10 Do not leech/carry others in dungeons. This does include last boss fights to a lower degree, but does not include rotation runs


2.11 You are not allowed to multi-client for grinding. Opening another client to sit in town is still okay.

2.12 If you play in a dorm, house with multiple people playing or have shared IP for other reasons you will need to get an IP Exception** which allow you to farm without being tagged as multi-clienting.

Hardcore Dungeons

2.13 There are equips/stats requirements for hardcore dungeons. @Discord to check requirements for stats for specific dungeon. Trinity Rings can only be used on character that meet corresponding hardcore dungeon requirement.

2.14 RNG Trade-able loot can only be sold/traded with other players with corresponding full set including yourself (This includes all item with corresponding Set Name in the name, of any Tier).

2.15 Following Dungeons count as Hardcore: Insignia(Specter's Tower) & Enigma (Verdurous Forest). This does not count as rules for registration.

Battlesquare/Emporia Rules

3.1 Do not join Battlesquare if there is less than 20 minutes left. You must join the first 10 minutes

3.2 Do not cast skills from the top. (Skills to move yourself down quickly is fine)

3.3 Joining or swapping to winning team if done intentionally and repeatedly can lead to punishment or removal of related items.

3.4 Do not AFK farm (Exception: windia farm), leech or carry. Must respond anyone when waved or messaged to ex: "Hello there!" within 20 seconds or any chat.

3.5 If you have no motivation to fight, don’t join.

3.6 Do not run / avoiding fight / barely attacking with flags.

3.7 Do not grief your own team.

3.8 Asking someone to fill or using another client to fill a slot is not allowed. If you really want to join that team, join the team with least amount of players / losing team.

3.9 Don’t use elemental attack

3.10 Read and follow instructions & rules for creatio of (PVP) Character in #pvp_lobby on Discord! Battleground is only for PVP characters!

3.11 Only own and use 1 PVP Account at any given time unless your first PVP Account has been banned.

3.12 Deliberate farming of PVP Rounds is unacceptable. Anyone in PVP Rooms must be able to respond in trade chat/ PVP Lobby when asked to for checking upon Macro PVP Farming.

Discord Rules

4.1 Use the right channels, posting in wrong channel can lead to message removal.

4.2 Spam messages will be deleted

4.3 People using inappropriate username or avatar will be urged to change it.

4.4 Don’t advertise other servers for the sake of advertising, having normal conversations about them are allowed.

4.5 Don’t post anything NSFW, it will be deleted.

4.6 Don’t spoil events from recent movies, games or other. It will be deleted.

Debts as Punishments

Debts are a form of punishment that forces you to farm it fairly and repay the amount that you owe. Intentionally avoiding debts may result in ban.

Prism Star Debt
In the case of which you were caught violating any rules for Prism Star; you will get a debt for Prism Star.

To clear your debt, extract more stars on your Main Character* using the service. You will not gain any items from extracting until you have cleared your debt.

Bone Dragon Debt
If you are caught multi-clienting at Bone Dragon you will receive a Gem Debt. This kind of gem debt must be paid by farming and giving the [300 Gems] item to the staff, usually within a time limit of 48 hours.

Other Debt
Debt and payback condition can be different if a staff member say so, if that is the case you follow their instructions.

Can only be done on your main account, do not re-create characters for more attempts.

Denying charges or Avoiding detection
Any effort in denying charges without objective fact about your own action that makes you innocent will and can have worse effect on your punishment.
Avoiding detection by any means means you don't see yourself as someone who violated the rules. Which also means you mean you don't claim to be innocent whilst not;
will only make your punishment significantly worse.

Account Rights
Changing password can only be done under special circumstances where password is too weak or would cause problems. You will no longer have any account rights after quitting the game, even if you come back, you do not have the rights to ask for account back if it has been banned or de-activated. Quitting players must not go on a GiveAway spree or give away account.

Reading rules or revealing amount of rules
Rules are meant to be followed so that everyone can have a fair playing experience here. That means, asking for how many rules there are, or telling someone how many rules there are for registration. Means there will be someone skipping rules. Which is just bound to have somoene violate the rules. So do not do that, unless you want to be banned..

5.0 Hostility & Grief
Any attacks or ill intent toward the server that may harm the server in meaningful ways will result in ban.